Mega Man Online

  Nope its not Mega Man Network Battle but something better! Tho most information is still limited. Its confirmed that they will be releasing an online version, It is currently under development by Neowiz Games


The same guys who made Fifa Online this game has been announced to be released in Japan as of now and nowhere else. A bit of information was said that the game would not be 3-D but a 2-D side scroller. Lets just hope its not another Ghouls N Ghosts Online failure that was never released. Only a few months since the announcement well have to see what comes out of this project.


Hearts of Trinity

"Hearts of Trinity" is another new MMORPG from Japan and is developed by RoC works. The game is actually a sequel to "Deco Online Frontier" some game mechanics will include 3 factions and PVP battles which support 150 characters.

The combat system is based on skills and how you combine them with your weapon  to create combos. A few more revealed features are the crafting and gathering system.

The game has 7 playable races tho much cannot be revealed yet since this game  is still in close beta in Japan if you know how to read and talk Japanese you can visit their home page here:
You can apply to become one of the beta testers for one on Japans new MMORPG heck! you can even win an I-Pad I dont know if they give it to you though if they found out you're not for Japan


AILA Online (Another Ideal Life Adventure Online)

 This game just came out this year in Japan Open beta started April, 22 2010. The game was developed by Sonod Entertainment and published by Play OMG, This game isn't a Japan exclusive there are servers in the US but it seems to not be getting any attention due to poor marketing. The game was suppose to be named N.E.O but was changed later on

 This is probably one of the strangest MMOs I have ever seen players can practically do anything. They can even change Mobs strength, drop rates and item prices using the in game mystic stones.

 More even stranger equipment doesn't have any Level requirement you can equip the strongest armor or weapon at LVL.1 any equipment is wearable, The game also has a party similar to Flyff the longer the party stays and the more joins the higher the experience bonus you get.

 How you play the game also affects the world. Players will be asked to defeat specific monsters in a designated area, thus earning "Chaotic Points" when you reach 100% the whole world will dim and monsters will attack towns 

 The game boasts of its highly independent life system. There are no jobs in the game use any equipment learn any skill. Its all up to you to decide.

 The game also has a marriage system you can kiss, emote and strangely fire cupid arrows and when you think your ready just buy the marriage item. Well there are benefit like Ragnarok you can Teleport to your partner anytime and you can resurrect them back to life

 A free world need more then just hack and slashing there is also Mining, Gathering, Refining, Tailoring and a lot more

 The name of the game in Korea is still N.E.O but the game-play has been modified for Japanese players which was later then ported to the US

Interested go here:


Croxino Online Japans Aion

  This game is pretty cool! it was developed by Nglim soft and published by Gcresent Entertainment the servers were up on 2009.  The game has a few similar features to Aion. At the start players are wingless and have to grind their way up to level-10 where the game picks up. You eventually obtain wings that will let you fly for some distance but be careful tho if you lose you stamina you will fall and get hurt.

  From what I know this game has only 3 classes a Fighter, Mage and a Ranger each has a dual class except the Mage that can branch-out  into a Sorcerer or Cleric. There is also a basic pet support system, But what I like about the game is that there is a Good and Evil system where you can choose a faction and eventually wage war with each other.

The graphics are amazing the characters look cell shaded almost similar to mahbinogi but not chibi. This is one game that is made in Japan and has been staying in Japan. Hurry and port it already! people want to play!!

Uncharted Waters Online OBT Announced!!!

Uncharted Waters Online Uncharted Waters Online Open Beta Test schedule is up now! Thanks for great patient in the meantime. Our team is preparing some great in-game events and prizes, so come join the journey of Uncharted Waters.

Client Download: 9/29 3PM [GMT +9]
Open Beta Test : 10/1 3PM [GMT +9]

  Its back to smooth sailing for me! For all you players I hope to see you back in the game. I had a great time during the CBT experience I hope a lot of improvements will be made

To view the official announcement visit the Uncharted Waters Facebook page 

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Tekki Online

 I'm hoping that this Sept.28 they will finally release front mission evolved without delay. This is probably if not the first Mecha MMO game that will be released globally. But before that I want to feature a game that has been out for quite some time in the Japan and a few selected regions.

"Tekki Online" A.K.A "Metal Rage" it's a popular Third Person Shooter Game. Similar to Front Mission Online it focuses on team battles and mission modes where you battle out bosses too.

This game is out in Japan but has very high IP restrictions. I have yet to seen nor hear from someone who has been able to play outside of Japan.

But there are some rumors that it will be released Globally on January 2010 under the name of Metal Rage. Hope it arrives sooner and not too late, Since Front Mission already got ahead of it.


Kinos World (Only in Japan!)

"Kinos World" is an action packed 2-D/3-D hybrid MMORPG developed by NFRONT it focuses on gameplay similar to Zelda and MapleStory combined.

The combat will be full action based so its real time hack and slash no staring at the monitor while your character kills a mob you can use items on the map to help you defeat monsters sort of like a beat em up game too.Some areas of the game need you to cooperate with another player to gain access. The graphics are very good players are stylish Anime looking and have facial expressions depending on the situation.

While creating a character a loli voice will guide you
The game has a beautiful "Anime" intro

Basic character classes Swordsman, Archer, and Mage

 "Another game sadly available only in Japan"


Le Ciel Bleu (Only In JAPAN!)

Le Ciel Bleu is another MMORPG exclusive to Japan it has somewhat a similarity between Ragnarok online and a 2D beat'em up game like Dungeon Fighter. It is published by NHN Japan and Userjoy Japan

The game is set in a world mixed with magic and technology similar to Arcanum or for a more Japanese reference think Zero-No-Tsukaima it offers the basic traditional classes like rangers, warriors and healers with quite a unique one Maid/Butler I cant think of any other game asides this that has this class. open beta in japan started Dec. 3 2009 its been quite some time in Japan and there are no news of it being ported outside. But if you think you want to play this on the Japan servers well your free to try.

Here is a link to guide you to the Japanese registration and the Client

Remember Have Fun Always


The 3 Classes Of Uncharted Waters Online

People sometimes make a small mistake of looking at the game classes and think there's only a few available and that it does not have much to offer. "Uncharted Waters Online" is different at first it may seem that you are only able to choose 3 different types at the beginning of the game the Adventurer , Maritime, and the Trader but Uncharted Waters Online offers something different more than 20 jobs are available for the 3 classes each caters to its own need in this highly complex unique MMORPG from KOEI

To start off I would first like to introduce the "Adventurer" and personally my class of choice
why I like the adventurer class well it got a real catchy name for starters who dislikes "Adventure" or "Adventuring" another thing is this class focuses on looking for hidden treasure and lost ruins, yup its one of my fantasies from my Goonies childhood.

The adventurer class has the most jobs in the game a total of 24 listed you can't choose immediately from the 24 but as you level-up you choose along the way

"Note: even if you choose a single class in this game all 3 classes will still be included you will only be restricted from jobs and guild quests"

Even though you choose any job you may learn all the skills in the game the only difference is the Jobs profession will excel in his skill specified for the characters job Ex. Fishermen may level up the fishing skill faster it comes with the job change, and may use less stamina to use the fishing skill

The adventurer class: may focus more on combat and exploring meaning there isn't much trading skills available for this class you will have ship handling skills that will allow you to sail or steer your ship faster, and better, and also apraisal skills that will allow you to identify biology or certain artifacts and land discoveries now depending on what job you choose a few combat skills may be available. Like the thief who likes to wander around ruins or rob people sword play skills are available for this job you may collect reagent and sell them to other ports like a trader but you will only get basic pricing since the adventurer has no haggling skills.

The maritime job or commonly known as battle type: Almost the same as the adventurer but the job classes focuse more on combat abilities this class has a few skills of the adventurer but restricted only to sailing the battle type has no means to appraise treasures or land areas and ruins, but may excel in sword play a good companion for the adventurers who need escorts in land areas. there is also a shipwright job-class if you want to make your trade in selling ships.

And the final class is the Trade Type: A mix of adventurer but with no combat capabilities the trade class can appraise, and gather treasures and reagents and use them to craft items like potions, furniture and ship parts the trader has lots of trading skills that improve prices when selling goods to other ports. Some of the traders Job classes may focus on certain goods like the chandler who excels in selling weapons

"And that's mostly about it there is so much to do in the game there is no job that can do it all so have fun with all your friends and enjoy UWO together"


Uncharted Waters Online Review

"10years was definitely a good wait for this MMORPG I have been bouncing around several MMORPGs these past few years and being never satisfied most of the time I am glad this game lived up to what I expected it to be"

The game may sound simple sail the world, trade in goods, or travel and adventure fighting pirates or seek hidden treasures, well actually not really, since most of the MMORPGs story lines are all quite the same meaning defeat the great evil and become a hero of the kingdom. Well Uncharted Waters Online takes a different approach yes there is a main story but the story depends on the nation you chose so not every player gets the same storyline. Other things that impress me are the way the game executes itself and the details it puts with the features.

No more hack & slash tedious gameplay.
Be the first one to find uncovered ancient historic places and artifacts.
You can become a Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, or Pirate Drake
Yup! one of the main features I was looking for no more hack and slashing tedious gameplay AKA grinding while the game offers land based it isn't necessary the trade job class doesn't even have to fight the entire game if he choses to. I love the feature of exploration the entire world is your playground you get to find lost temples, not only locations but paintings, plants, animals even treasures new discoveries will increase your fame and is one way to make money in the game reporting your discovery's really gives you a sense of achievement.

More than 75 professions and more than 100 skills to master. It is not just becoming a strongest player in the server.
You can also change one profession to another anytime.
Get back to original gameplay of exploring new place, cooperating or fighting with other players.
Work hard to become a Maestro of certain skill.

Think the game only has 3 job classes at the start your wrong it isn't that basic there are 75 professions each with a unique task so simply put this game probably has the most jobs I have ever seen in an MMORPG and lots of PVP being a pirate and looting fellow players both on land and sea is really fun. and if your not into that kind of stuff you can become a painter, carpenter, chef, chemist, doctor phew!... there are so many choices and sell your services or wares

Buy or build your ships such as Hansa cog, Baltic galleon, Spanish carrack, Turkish galley, and English frigate.
Upgrade, enhance, modify, and decorate your ships with thousands of items.

Over a hundred actual ships to choose from you can purchase them all from around the world

There are hundreds of neutral cities to conquer to take advantage in economy and politics.
Investing lot of gold into the city is one way to increase you nations influence.
Or just fight with current possessing nation to conquer back a city.

If exploring is not enough you can help your nation RULE THE WORLD! conquering enemy nations ports and capture their cities

Buy an apartment in you city and decorate with furnitures and artworks that you like.
Invite your friends and guild members to chat and play together.
Find an unoccupied island and build your own farm to grow fruits and raise pigs.

One of the best concepts in the game having your own piece of property to call your own and raise farm animals. A great way to rest from all that adventuring

Economy system in Uncharted Waters Online is very similar to real life.
Trading goods, investment, relationship with politics are involved.
There is no fix profit. Economy will fluctuate time to time with supply and demand of of good.
Tax and customs are applied to the game. Reduce tax by conquering cities.
Hundreds of ways to earn money and thousands of silkroads and spice routes.

A lot more features are ready in the game such as academic contest, poker game and more.

Well UWO is one game from Japan that I am pleased was finally released and I'm definitely playing this for a long time to come they say the game has 3 years worth of gameplay well I'm sure ill be playing it longer than that for now my quest of searching for a game to satisfy my needs has arrived.

I hope to see you guys in the game and hope that on OBT I can get to reuse my character name "Aika"


Alliance Of Valiant Arms My Favorite Online FPS! and in Japan too!

Also known as AVA this game was exclusive to Korea, Taiwan, and Japan from 2008-2009 till it was released to NA servers though 1 year apart the game looks amazing with its visual upgrades it even supports Nvidias 3D Vision on max setting you need a high end PC to get it running, the NA servers have no IP restriction but be sure you have a decent internet connection because its heavy on the bandwidth

AVA is another game that I love to play especially when I'm tired of playing my regular games or looking for a break and a dose of fast pace action, the game is completely free to play there is an item mall but the need for it is minimal asides from unique guns that you can only purchase there the guns aren't over powering so its balanced, and besides an MMOFPS requires skill its not always in the gun

What I love from this game is the Modes it has lots of them from the traditional free-for-all, to the team deathmatch, there are a few modes that I have not seen in any other game like the tank escort there are also three character classes that level-up and gain skills each class is unique from each other.

here are the modes available in the game:

Annihilation - Or simply put team death-match

Transport - One team has to prevent the retrieval of a suitcase similar to capture the flag

Escort - this one is my favorite mode you have to push your tank to the opposing teams base before the time limit you get a total of 10+ min If you are able to push the tank to your enemies base minus the remaining time and that will be the amount left for the opposing team to get their tank to our base after the first round teams will switch from defender to attacker players may stop the tank using RPG while the other team may repair their tank

Demolition - Another common mode where the terrorist faction try to bomb an area and you have to stop them and defuse the bomb or vice-versa

there are three classes to choose from you can switch anytime during the game but will only take effect

The Snipers - Who prefer long range distant combat and can take out enemies from a fra with once or two shots, their skills primary involve increase accuracy with sniper rifles since a 100% centered cross hair do-sent hit all the time

The Rifle men - Who are suppose to play the heavy duty role their skills improve their primary armor, the rifle mans primary weapons include AK-47 and M-16s

Point man - Who plays as the light task their skills improve their speed, their primary weapons focus on light SMGS (Sub Machine Guns) like the P90 and Uzi

Another amazing feature in this game is the sound if you have a great sound system and speakers it can get pretty loud, and the language depends on your team, your player may be shouting in Russian, or sound like a British or American soldier. The player will also automatically respond depending on situations like when you take down an enemy or there is an incoming grenade

All in all AVA is one of those amazing free to play games that seems to have the value of a pay to play one, if your interested visit simply download the client register and play it's a great game even better when you play with your buddies. There is a prison break channel where you battle NPC with 3 of your buddies or random players online with set tasks like survive or escape a burning building with hordes of escaped prisoners wanting to kill you its a fun break if you find yourself yet again stressed by the game

"Interested visit"


Its Japans Superman!!! And His MMORPG Kamehameha!!!

"Growing up and watching ANIME one series probably stands out amongst the rest even till this day. Yup 99% of you probably guessed it right its DRAGON BALL"

Yup its Goku hes an alien from the planet Saiyan before it was destroyed he was launched into space by his father and landed on earth where he was raised by humans, Growing up he protected the Earth from the hands of the Evil Red Ribbon Army to the One of their creations Cell which later killed him but just like Superman he resurrected to defeat his enemy and continue to protect the earth.

Yeah probably everybody knows about him but not everybody knows Dragon Ball Online.Yup their making an MMORPG and yes it ties closely related to the series unlike the live action movie (I never watched it LoL! because i know its bad)

Dragon Ball Online will take place 216 years after the events of the MANGA series. So most characters will probably be gone asides from a few faliliar ones like the Nameks who may live for quite some time (Piccolo)

An evil organization called The Dark Eye are time meddlers who are changing the past just like the evil wizard bibid. Members of the organization are under mind control instead of an "M" on their foreheads they are marked with an "X" nobody knows the true identity of The Dark Eye Group

Its the players task to repair the damage in the time stream done by The Dark Eye group. Another familiar character the time traveling trunks helps you with the aid of his time machine

What greatly impresses me is that the story of Dragon Ball Online will be a direct sequel to the true Dragon Ball series written by Akira Toriyama and has complete creative control over the game. All other series not related to the original work will be ignored like the live action movie (LoL! Again)

"Currently there are three races too choose from the following are."

Humans: Which seem to be the all around characters and they also have three current classes available Martial artist, Spiritualist, and the Engineer

Nemekians: From the planet Namek the race of Piccolo they currently have two classes available the Dragon Clan which focused more on healing. And a warrior class that focuses more on melee combat asides from green you can also choose purple or blue Nemekians

Majin: The same race as Majin Buu they live in an unknown planet much is unknown about how this race will play out but it has been mentioned they will be playing as support type characters they have currently two classes Large Majin and Strange Majin

Reaching Level 30 you may choose your master class and transform to you adult form*

The combat system features

Each character will have an indicator for HP well thats simply Health points if it goes down to 0 your deadEP also known as energy points or as you may simply call it mana and RP or Rage Points which is the unique feature in the game its suppose to indicate the characters mental state (???) and accumulates during combat when players complete quests, skills that require RP will also be upgraded. when the RP meter gets full you will be given an RP ball below the meter using RP on skills will increase the effect of power attack skills and extend and improve the effectiveness of buffs


Not only that RP also has other benefits and uses like, HTB skills once your RP reaches a certain level you may gain a HTB skill if you. If your in the eligible level up to six RP balls can be stored, when casting a HBT skill the number of RP balls will affect the Success rate of the combat so spend them wisely

Rather than explain more of the combat i think it will be better for you to see for yourself since explaining it will probably take me longer to than write my entire Blog all over again


"Chain combos and Chains skills and fast pace combat there's so much stuff going on its not you’re typical hack and slash MMORPG"

Since this is an MMORPG expect there to be different types of armors and weapons both melee and ranged. Likes swords axes and guns and other weapons specific to the race and class there will also be a PVP feature in the game

The game will also feature a number of mounts and vehicles. Maybe its just me but when Goku was still a little kid there more vehicles and gadgets like hovering scooters plains thigh tech motor bikes, etc. Bulma had all the rides I always wished I had those capsules. Throw one to the ground for an instant cottage :D These vehicles can be seen in game again and used as mounts. There are no level restrictions and as early as the game starts you may obtain one for yourself. However the mounts will use fuel so better have money for gas

Dragon Ball Online still is scheduled supposedly for 2010 but will be initially launched in Japan and Korea they have already started close beta so im not expecting a release date soon if Uncharted Waters took 5 years to reach global shores im sure its worth the wait. Or you can always cheat and jump in the Korean servers well that's kinda not my style. But yes this game is a definite play when it gets released and im sure it will be coming soon since its a world renowned title hope its global I hate IP restrictions but since Net Marble is the Publisher expect a global release similar to UWO :D

Aki-The Otaku