AiSp@Ce MMOSG R-18 surely for Japan only sadly :(

AiSp@ace or "Ai" meaning love means "love space" in english it is a MMOSG or "an online social game" being R-18 means it doesn’t have any nudity or vulgar language the game focuses on the social aspect of things since in Japan people prioritize socialization because it is enforced upon them by companies to develop team building skills and also helps reduce social depression which is good

AiSp@ace can be described as similar to second life but uses an anime themed environment .The game starts out like all others you create your own avatar. Then by choosing from famous character models from animes such as Clannad, Shuffle!, Da Capo and a bit of special modifications like birthdays, blood types even behavior you create your own "chara-doll". Then the player proceeds to select from 3 areas or virtual islands (resembles the 3 anime worlds described) and lives with the chara-doll.
So you live in a house with your personalized "chara doll" equiped with furniture more can be bought in game and clothing for your chara-doll. When inside the house the chara-doll acts on its own and when players are outside however the chara-doll stays with the player. The player can freely converse with the chara-doll like the traditional Japanese dating games (text appears at the lower screen)
The three islands are connected by a main island or the central "Akihabara Island" (Yay!) modeled after the real "Akihabara" (Yay!!) players can interact with other players and their chara-dolls
AiSp@ace is free to play and makes use of the special shop using real money to by "NICO NICO points" to go shopping in Akihabara (Yay!!!)
This game is quite amazing though not much as a game it offers great social interaction with both A.I and other people. Well yeah I know it’s an "Otaku" thing but globally this game would be great sadly it’s only in Japan. With a booming anime market i belive this would work globally how about you?
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Innovate it the Japanese way


With a market flooded by "FPS" shooters and "Counter-Strike" clones how do you release a game now with such a competitive market especially an "online FPS" ?

Well do it the Japanese way innovate it "PaperMan Online" another exclusive game its Japan It`s a shooter how can it be different?

Well from the title, itself "PaperMan" instead of using 3D character models it uses 2-D flat characters in 3-D environments so you can use the environments to your advantage hiding like a ninja on the flat surfaces with your back against the wall its every "campers dream"

In Japan the game already had several updates there are a lot of guns available from the traditional Ak-47, M16, Stayer Aug, Sniper Rifles your melee weapons can be a box cutter or even a light saber. The characters are "Anime" models so its an "Otaku shooters fantasy game" (well for people outside Japan boo! hoo!) shooting them instead of blood punches holes like on paper.

One thing I can say in Japan gameplay is just as important as the graphics. They don`t sacrifice much of the gameplay to give you the fun that you need instead they create games with both visual and entertaining value. sadly this game has an IP block and I can`t say much more about it anymore since the IP block well i guess all we can do is hope once again.


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Sangokushi Online more familiar than you think

Sangokushi Online the title make you think huh? Something new? well if your familiar with the US title "Romance of the Three kingdoms" and you’ve been gaming for quite some time it ain't really that new in fact its been first released on the Animga since I don’t know and the first release on the PC was "1985" so yes its as old as Windows.
The "Romance" series of games is a turn based strategy game set in ancient China or Japan using historic figures as the game characters. Earlier versions of the game were just simply statistics based growing a larger army then attacking the next territory but on the VII, VIII and X editions were compounded with RPG aspects, allowing the player to play as a ruler, an adviser, a prefect, a general or a vassal, whereas the player can only control the ruler in other editions. In addition, different characters have various skills to aid them in combat, such as the ability to lure a group of enemy soldiers away from the others or to trick them into retreating. and developing stories they me be fiction or fact (I’m not really knowledgeable in Chinese or Japanese history) that really added more to the game in terms of making it more interesting
With a thousand players, battling it out your screen can get as blurry as this screen-shot (above)
"Sangokushi Online" breaks the tradition of the Romance series it is no longer a turn based strategy game but a MMORPG - RTS game
On the RPG side players choose a clan from the familiar Wu, Shue, Wei (maybe added more later on) forces and then can engage in the RPG elements of the game like fighting bandits, exploring areas, learning, production skills, doing quests. Thus gaining items and experience form NPCs and players develop skills by getting skill experience from using their skills since the level cap is kinda low being level 50
Character development does not end there you may be in the same level but since your skills are more developed you may still have an advantage.
On the RTS side players may choose to join guilds asides from their factions and raid other factions territories similar to "Fantasy Earth Zero" and on a grand scale join the war of factions up to 500 players per faction may join the battle accompanies by generals or heroes familiar in the game series such as Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan in battle
The game has many more features such as mounts traditionally horses and boats to explore areas the graphics are excellent making character creation fun since there are quit a number of models to choose from and you can even set the characters height manually.
Its got me quit confused with so many games to choose from why do we get the mediocre (bad for me) games like "Fantasy Earth Zero" there is clearly a similarity in game play but obviously Sangokushi Online is far more superior graphically and feature wise. And with all the games of the Romance series and Dynasty Warriors series being released in the US why not the online game? The servers have been up since 2008 and Fantasy Earth Zero since 2006 why choose the more outdated one? Are they marketing on the "Square Soft" brand? "Koei" is just as famous if not a bit less
Well i may never know and im kinda getting ranty I’m just hoping that this game would be released sometime soon it would be great and yes I would play the game how about you?
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You realy only get half or not much at all?

The thing is with most Japanese games being released in the U.S the consumers really aren`t aware that the product has a wider development or sequel in Japan. Even the most popular RPG series like Final Fantasy had some of its games unreleased in the US until later on

"Final Fantasy III was not released in the US or actually anywhere else until it was remade for the Nintendo DS last 2006. And when Final Fantasy VI was released in the US its it was called Final Fantasy III It is all very chronologically confusing how the games were released in the US but gamers didn`t really care that much since they were mostly unaware what was going on in Japan"

Well at least we got to see those games one way or the other better late than never. But sadly there are a few that slip away into the great unknown and disappear forever leaving us with just a few screen shoots.

Ever heard of the "Tales" Series of RPGs maybe you have or haven`t the series has spawned many games such as "Tales Of Destiny, Tales Of The World, Tales Of The Abyss" etc... and probably has more titles than the final fantasy franchise and probably know just as much they even have several anime series base on some games and some independent stories

Well i want to focus the attention on one series in the game "Tales Of Eternia" this game was released on the Play Station 2001 and was rereleased for the Sony PSP on 2006 I remember having it on the PS1 but never touched it until it wa rereleased on the PSP where i eventually finished it. The game was excellent one of the J-RPGS that really got me immersed the story line, the cinematics, the gameplay, I enjoyed every bit of it

Then I recently discovered that there was an MMORPG "Tales Of Eternia Online" (yup NAMCO actually did make a MMORPG) I was like wow! I wanna try that out but later on discovered that the servers were only up for a year and had to close due to low registered users

Darn! well that’s one game ill never get to play well at least i can talk about it "Tales Of Eternia Online" the story of the MMORPG is actually intertwined with the RPG. The MMORPGS events occur around the beginning of disc 2 (PS1 Version) just after Reid`s (Main Character) party crosses over into Celestia from Infernia. the game also follows the MMORPG element of being able to choose your own character class they are modifications of characters within the tales series or the none MMORPG game
(kenshi) - Swordsman - Characters modeled from Rassius Luine. Masters of melee combat, their high physical attack power is a welcome addition to any party. They have the capability to wield a variety of weapons, such as swords, long swords, daggers, spears and axes.
(Senshi) - Warrior The only character class that could equip shields, their high defense and party-oriented defense skills make them an almost indispensable frontliner in every party. Male versions are modeled from the ToE main character Reid Hershell
(Seijou Reijutsu-shi) - Cleric. The female versions are modeled after Meredy. This class specializes in recovery and status-enhancing magic.
(Majou Reijutsu-shi) - Mage. The male versions are modeled after Keele Zeibel. This class specializes in devastating magic attacks.
(Kakutou-ka) - Fighters. This class is modeled after Farah Oersted. The high agility of this class allows them to dodge attacks and perform combos with ease. They also have a limited arsenal of recovery skills

The combat system is very unique especially since the "Tales" series follows a 2-D or 3-D real-time combat system the encounters are not random like a traditional console RPG but clicking or going into contact with the enemies avatar will initiate the combat system. since the game is directly based on "Tales of Eternia" the combat system is similar with the exemption of a yellow aura on the sides of the screen which prevents other players from interrupting unless the combatant pushes the panic button to allow the player to enter and help

If the RPG game did so well on the Playstation and even was re-released on the PSP it makes me think why did the inline version of the game not do so well? There were plans to bring the game to the US but eventually was canceled so we’ll never know sadly.
Now i feel like I only finished half the game and this other half will be lost forever anyways Check back in a few days for a new article I’m taking the weekends off ; )


Master Of Epic why only in Japan till now???

Being an Otaku and a Hardcore gamer I am mostly disappointed. Why? because I have recently watched an Anime series called "Master Of Epic: The Animation Age" and later on I found out that the Anime series is actually based on a Japan only MMORP Called "MASTER OF EPIC"

Master Of Epic was released in Japan on April, 1 ,2005 and until now is exclusive to Japan players only it was produced by Hudson Soft but the Anime made by GONZO has been shown over different countries on TV networks even here in my country.
The game is set on a traditional medieval fantasy world but in Japanese anime style. The story revolves around the three major factions
Diaros: Elgadin, County of the Dragon Knights who esteem law and order
Bisque: Country where according to the Lal Fac Faith, various clans are given the freedom to regulate themselves
Sasool: Country where therianthropy (metamorphosis of humans into animals) plays a leading role
These countries vie for control of the Noah Stone that the Mora Clan relinquished. It is said that any nation that has control over the Noah Stone will flourish. An evil character named Igo has executed a plant for the nations to wage war on each other so he may obtain the Noah Stone for himself and eventually he rules. This has become the fate of the Future of the War Age.
3,000 years after the rule of Igo, The Future Age
The beginning of everything, 45 Million Years Ago, The Chaos Age
Passing From one age to another and back again, surmounting numerous battles, Will the adventurers be able to prevent the coming age of darkness?
The story is quit complicated but interacts with the game play because players will be playing in different ages the present age, war age, future age, chaos age

The game has 4 unique selectable races Newtars, Cognite, Elmony, and Pandemos

Elmony, Cognite, Pandemos, Newtar

Not only are the races in the game unique but a lot of elements in the game play. Master Of Epic has no levels instead the player can choose from a extensive list of skills, Job classes are not chosen but earned on how you decide to level up your skills or how you combine them
another amazing feature of the game that i have yet to see in other MMORPS are the presence of hunger and thirst it affects your combat abilities if you don’t feed your character and flies start to gather around you character if you don’t wash your hair for sometime
With the Anime being shown all over the place I’ve been left thinking. The game looks great and has a lot of unique element why has it never left Japan. Well I may never know i can only wait for someone to pick this up hopefully on an international server

Bored? go watch the Anime (Master Of Epic: The Animation Age)


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