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10 things UWO has that other pirate MMORPGS don't


1 Grinding is not an option: you don't have to focus on a combat class in fact you can have other players do it for you, hence creating a player mercenary system

2 Port Conquering:
tho not yet implemented I am looking forward to it conquering other nations ports to improve your countries trade and economy.

3 Nations Alignment system:
Wars will break out and traveling to a hostile nation players and NPC ships will be aggressive towards you

4 Exploration system: Gain exp simply by traveling and seeking out wildlife or discovering ruins of an ancient civilization

5 Realistic world map: Uses the map of the real world and visit real world destinations

6 Lots of real ships to choose from: Even more when the expansions come out a total of more than a hundred are available

7 Music composed by Yoko Kanno: One of the greatest music composers for Japanese RPG games

8 Thousands of quests:
It is rumored to take atleast 3 years to finish them all and that's without the expansions

9 Historical reference: It makes use of real people from the time line of the voyage century

10 Real prizes: Netmarble gives away some really cool stuff no just in game items



Back to Uncharted Waters!


  OBT started yesterday October, 1 and I have been enjoying myself!. It seems the game had a major face lift a few features where added, it now simpler to add friends, the graphics improved its much sharper the textures and effects are better, a lot of quest bugs have been fixed too!

 I'm still playing in Spain as "Aika" and my alternate is Akira (Isn't he dreamy) 

Aika on the left and Akira on the right ^_^

Tho there are still multi-boxers and gold sellers I guess this can't be avoided since I checked a gold sellers website and saw that they even support every major online games (WOW, FFXIV, Vindictus) so its up to the community actually if they would support this. But as a frequent visitor in the forums it seem the community is 100% against them 

I suggest people who were disappointed with CBT to give it a try again there's a lot of major improvements the only dislike I have had so far is game guard it seems to block other apps well that's its job anyway 





Well I cant say this is a Japanese MMORPG but probably the best looking and most action packed I've ever played so far the graphics are just amazing. Vindictus can easily put a lot of pay-to-play MMORPGs to shame I'm really surprised that the game is even free.

The game and story is suppose to take after Mahbinogi. but seems like everybody is all grown up now.

  Players who want to join me can party up in the east server. My characters name is "AikaSato". The only thing I probably hated in this game is the lack of using spaces when typing your name they should fix that. Hope to see you in the game while the UWO servers are down




Ive been keeping my self entertained for the past two weeks by you know what ;-)

Yup! its Starcraft II well if you've been recently following me and my BLOG you know that I love Video Games. Ive always enjoyed it more than anything else at a very young age my mom gave us a Famicom. Well if your not familiar with it its the NES equivalent which was more of an Asian version of the console it had the exact same games as the NES even more since we also got games from Japan.

This is what we got instead of the NES.

Putting that all aside I want to emphasize more on Starcraft during my high school days well, lets just say I loved hanging around the gamer crowd we would hit the closest I-Cafe and play Half-Life till we get all dizzy and after that play some Starcraft :)

Yup I am a Starcraft veteran well I cant say much about skills but ive been playing since the first release. lets just say I won more than lost ;)

I purchased Starcraft II as soon as it hit the stores about a day after the release. I got a shirt a bit too big for me a dog tag sadly i got the black one I wanted the silver but they ran out :(
but I was given a poster as a special extra ;)

Well what can I say about the game !!!

I absolutely love it!!! :D

12 years was definitely worth the wait the main game still plays like the traditional Starcraft no radical changes in gameplay each of the 3 races seem to be balanced except the Zerg for me they seem to be the weakest of the 3 races and not very multiplayer friendly since no other race can build on the creep except them. Well this was already a problem before but its all part of the design and gameplay I guess either that or im not really good with the Zerg since there are no more Guardians and Defilers.

The campaign is amazing the storyline for me is better than the first you really get into the characters and get a feel of immersion in the storyline. You make choices in the game on who you want to trust or help, You can upgrade your units by getting research upgrades even hire mercenary units

Sadly most of the campaign units are unavailable in the multiplayer like the Wraiths, Medics, Goliath, Science vessels, etc. Well there are new units that are pretty amazing too and new stuff for the old units like the Medic drop ship. This is not limited to the Terrans some units of the other races like the Protoss Reaver and the Zerg Guardians have been replaced or removed

Amazing! a Lego Wraith.

About multiplayer Starcraft II feels more like an MMORTS to me while the features of BattleNet feels limited like not having chat and the RealID does feel a bit intrusive and lack of LAN is like a really bad idea. One concept that they came out with was also making the game region locked well for me its more like a double edged knife while i get no lag even on my crappy net connection the players here in Asia aren't all English speakers so that makes it a bit more complicated since there is hardly no communication just simple Alt+G signals.

Everyone will know you if your the best XD

Well the MMORTS feel must come from the ladder feature competing to get to the top and being the NO.1 player of Starcraft II well in SEA since region locked and I guess they will be holding a tournament for each of the best players in their respective regions. Also the units in multiplayer are lacking It leaves me wondering if they will patch it and gradually add more units to the multiplayer side of the game. Im hoping I dont need the other two campaigns to continue playing online because from what ive hear the Zerg campaign "Heart Of The Swarm" will be released at the same time as Diablo III well that's another story but yes maybe the hype will be dead by the time Diablo III is realeased for sure but if i have to choose between Diablo 3 and Starcraft II I would Choose Diablo III what about you guys?

Cant wait XD





Ever wonder what happens to those games that are probably never heard of and forgotten by lost companies who started out making games in their small garage and selling them behind trucks. or those big companies like Cinemaware which brought innovative games for the PC for its time and disappeared due to being bankrupt. Or those strange independent games that you never heard off because during that time the internet was something not everyone had.

Well I want to introduce you to one of my favorite sites

I love this place it where games that were great but forgotten call home now. We need places like this because one day we will all forget where all our games came from its a place of history and fun!

The place also host those games from independent creators of long past it even has a few selections of ummm... roms from old consoles some are even exclusive from Japan and translated into English

I love this place and needs everybodys support to survive we all need a place too look back and read about our video gaming history












The Death Trap Squares First Game (History)


  Yup something to add to your useless knowledge. Well this game is very old since square is also a veteran video-game company this game was developed for the NEC  P.C's these machines were exclusive to Japan as early as 1981. so both games and the units were exclusive .

   The Death Trap is squares first game ever developed and published during this period they weren't even a independent company but a branch of Denyuusha, a software firm also in Japan.

  The game is an Interactive fiction game similar to early Sierra adventure games and Zork which relies on typing in you characters actions on a command line. But it also made use of still images asides from text

  Tho I cant say much about the game I don't even know if a physical copy or software copy exists outside of Japan the game was a hit and even spawned a sequel The Death Trap 2. Only in Japan since 1981




The Original Nintendo cards

  Nintendo started way back in 1889. as a card game company and would take 89' years for them to make their first video game on 1978.

("Nintendo" Means leave luck to heaven)

Shigeru Miyamoto

1977 -  Shigeru Miyamoto  is hired at the age of 24 he becomes their first staff artist

( He would later create Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda)

1990 - Idolizing Walt Disney as a child his creation Mario became more famous than Mikey Mouse

The Nintendo Wii has become the best selling console of all time
with a word wide sales of 73.97 (As of June 30 2010)
This console is also a creation of Miyamoto

Followed by the Nes, Snes, N64, Game Cube, Virtua Boy (Suprisingly!) Xbox 360, and Playstation 3

 The Nintendo DS has surpassed its predecessor the Game Boy in sales with 132.04 Million 

Followed By the Game Boy Advance, PSP, and the IPhone

In 2008, Nintendo made $1.28 Million for every employee

In 2009, thanksgiving Nintendo sold 2.5 systems every second.

And has become a larger company than Sony and Panasonic even Yahoo!

Nintendo Japan

Nintendo America 
Well just some random stuff about Nintendo for the NintenNerds the most successful video game company
Now gimme a 3DS!!! ^_^



Going back to the roots of MMORPG's


 I'm going back to basics on Sept.28, Apparently Blizzard will be resetting the ladder for Diablo 2. Yup thats right it seems Diablo 3 wont be released this year probably next year.

So this is probably going to be the last ladder reset for Diablo 2 actually it arrived pretty early only months since the last reset  it usually takes a year or more. I just hope Blizzard does something about those botters, and Item hacks.

 Ultima Online back in 1997 was probably the game that started MMORPGs, But Diablo 2 is credited for being the most earliest if not first Globally Influencing MMORPG.

 The Korean players flooded the US players in battle.net and eventually were given their own servers. Yup in the land of MMORPGs Diablo 2 was once the best

 Ladder reset means all players will have to start with a new one. I will be playing on US or Asia gateway depending on the request.