Hearts of Trinity

"Hearts of Trinity" is another new MMORPG from Japan and is developed by RoC works. The game is actually a sequel to "Deco Online Frontier" some game mechanics will include 3 factions and PVP battles which support 150 characters.

The combat system is based on skills and how you combine them with your weapon  to create combos. A few more revealed features are the crafting and gathering system.

The game has 7 playable races tho much cannot be revealed yet since this game  is still in close beta in Japan if you know how to read and talk Japanese you can visit their home page here:http://trinity.gameleon.jp/teaser/
You can apply to become one of the beta testers for one on Japans new MMORPG heck! you can even win an I-Pad I dont know if they give it to you though if they found out you're not for Japan