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 Recettear (Available In STEAM from Japan!!) 


 I was surprised to see this game available on STEAM. Yup seems like someone over there has the brains to bring this fabulous game from Japan to the Global market.

 Nope its not an MMORPG Recettear is a sigle player game that follows the adventures of Recette Lemongrass who runs an item shop built into her house. This is a game that focuses on RPG games item vendors so its pretty unique. But  Recette has one big problem her adventurer dad left her a big loan to pay back and skipped town. With the aid of her fairy companion Recette needs to run the item shop and pay off her fathers loan.

"This game reminded me of Hayate The Combat Butler one of my favorite Animes who's parents sold him to loan-sharks to pay off their debt don't worry its a comedy Anime"

There is a lot to do in the game and many ways you can approach solving the debt problem.

 - You can either play it safe in town and trade goods in the market

- Or you can play as the adventurer who goes out into the wild fighting mobs until they drop some goods for you to sell in the market 

There are a lot of other thing you can do too like design your own shop and meet friends along the way

 And if you don't pay your debt you end up losing your home and living out in the streets. Its a very fun game with a lot more to do and to take a break from those stressful games (Just don't forget to pay before the deadline) and the humor is both fun too.

 "If your interested you can get the game here"

"AKI-The-Loan-Shark (^^^)"