The 3 Classes Of Uncharted Waters Online

People sometimes make a small mistake of looking at the game classes and think there's only a few available and that it does not have much to offer. "Uncharted Waters Online" is different at first it may seem that you are only able to choose 3 different types at the beginning of the game the Adventurer , Maritime, and the Trader but Uncharted Waters Online offers something different more than 20 jobs are available for the 3 classes each caters to its own need in this highly complex unique MMORPG from KOEI

To start off I would first like to introduce the "Adventurer" and personally my class of choice
why I like the adventurer class well it got a real catchy name for starters who dislikes "Adventure" or "Adventuring" another thing is this class focuses on looking for hidden treasure and lost ruins, yup its one of my fantasies from my Goonies childhood.

The adventurer class has the most jobs in the game a total of 24 listed you can't choose immediately from the 24 but as you level-up you choose along the way

"Note: even if you choose a single class in this game all 3 classes will still be included you will only be restricted from jobs and guild quests"

Even though you choose any job you may learn all the skills in the game the only difference is the Jobs profession will excel in his skill specified for the characters job Ex. Fishermen may level up the fishing skill faster it comes with the job change, and may use less stamina to use the fishing skill

The adventurer class: may focus more on combat and exploring meaning there isn't much trading skills available for this class you will have ship handling skills that will allow you to sail or steer your ship faster, and better, and also apraisal skills that will allow you to identify biology or certain artifacts and land discoveries now depending on what job you choose a few combat skills may be available. Like the thief who likes to wander around ruins or rob people sword play skills are available for this job you may collect reagent and sell them to other ports like a trader but you will only get basic pricing since the adventurer has no haggling skills.

The maritime job or commonly known as battle type: Almost the same as the adventurer but the job classes focuse more on combat abilities this class has a few skills of the adventurer but restricted only to sailing the battle type has no means to appraise treasures or land areas and ruins, but may excel in sword play a good companion for the adventurers who need escorts in land areas. there is also a shipwright job-class if you want to make your trade in selling ships.

And the final class is the Trade Type: A mix of adventurer but with no combat capabilities the trade class can appraise, and gather treasures and reagents and use them to craft items like potions, furniture and ship parts the trader has lots of trading skills that improve prices when selling goods to other ports. Some of the traders Job classes may focus on certain goods like the chandler who excels in selling weapons

"And that's mostly about it there is so much to do in the game there is no job that can do it all so have fun with all your friends and enjoy UWO together"