AILA Online (Another Ideal Life Adventure Online)

 This game just came out this year in Japan Open beta started April, 22 2010. The game was developed by Sonod Entertainment and published by Play OMG, This game isn't a Japan exclusive there are servers in the US but it seems to not be getting any attention due to poor marketing. The game was suppose to be named N.E.O but was changed later on

 This is probably one of the strangest MMOs I have ever seen players can practically do anything. They can even change Mobs strength, drop rates and item prices using the in game mystic stones.

 More even stranger equipment doesn't have any Level requirement you can equip the strongest armor or weapon at LVL.1 any equipment is wearable, The game also has a party similar to Flyff the longer the party stays and the more joins the higher the experience bonus you get.

 How you play the game also affects the world. Players will be asked to defeat specific monsters in a designated area, thus earning "Chaotic Points" when you reach 100% the whole world will dim and monsters will attack towns 

 The game boasts of its highly independent life system. There are no jobs in the game use any equipment learn any skill. Its all up to you to decide.

 The game also has a marriage system you can kiss, emote and strangely fire cupid arrows and when you think your ready just buy the marriage item. Well there are benefit like Ragnarok you can Teleport to your partner anytime and you can resurrect them back to life

 A free world need more then just hack and slashing there is also Mining, Gathering, Refining, Tailoring and a lot more

 The name of the game in Korea is still N.E.O but the game-play has been modified for Japanese players which was later then ported to the US

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