Its Japans Superman!!! And His MMORPG Kamehameha!!!

"Growing up and watching ANIME one series probably stands out amongst the rest even till this day. Yup 99% of you probably guessed it right its DRAGON BALL"

Yup its Goku hes an alien from the planet Saiyan before it was destroyed he was launched into space by his father and landed on earth where he was raised by humans, Growing up he protected the Earth from the hands of the Evil Red Ribbon Army to the One of their creations Cell which later killed him but just like Superman he resurrected to defeat his enemy and continue to protect the earth.

Yeah probably everybody knows about him but not everybody knows Dragon Ball Online.Yup their making an MMORPG and yes it ties closely related to the series unlike the live action movie (I never watched it LoL! because i know its bad)

Dragon Ball Online will take place 216 years after the events of the MANGA series. So most characters will probably be gone asides from a few faliliar ones like the Nameks who may live for quite some time (Piccolo)

An evil organization called The Dark Eye are time meddlers who are changing the past just like the evil wizard bibid. Members of the organization are under mind control instead of an "M" on their foreheads they are marked with an "X" nobody knows the true identity of The Dark Eye Group

Its the players task to repair the damage in the time stream done by The Dark Eye group. Another familiar character the time traveling trunks helps you with the aid of his time machine

What greatly impresses me is that the story of Dragon Ball Online will be a direct sequel to the true Dragon Ball series written by Akira Toriyama and has complete creative control over the game. All other series not related to the original work will be ignored like the live action movie (LoL! Again)

"Currently there are three races too choose from the following are."

Humans: Which seem to be the all around characters and they also have three current classes available Martial artist, Spiritualist, and the Engineer

Nemekians: From the planet Namek the race of Piccolo they currently have two classes available the Dragon Clan which focused more on healing. And a warrior class that focuses more on melee combat asides from green you can also choose purple or blue Nemekians

Majin: The same race as Majin Buu they live in an unknown planet much is unknown about how this race will play out but it has been mentioned they will be playing as support type characters they have currently two classes Large Majin and Strange Majin

Reaching Level 30 you may choose your master class and transform to you adult form*

The combat system features

Each character will have an indicator for HP well thats simply Health points if it goes down to 0 your deadEP also known as energy points or as you may simply call it mana and RP or Rage Points which is the unique feature in the game its suppose to indicate the characters mental state (???) and accumulates during combat when players complete quests, skills that require RP will also be upgraded. when the RP meter gets full you will be given an RP ball below the meter using RP on skills will increase the effect of power attack skills and extend and improve the effectiveness of buffs


Not only that RP also has other benefits and uses like, HTB skills once your RP reaches a certain level you may gain a HTB skill if you. If your in the eligible level up to six RP balls can be stored, when casting a HBT skill the number of RP balls will affect the Success rate of the combat so spend them wisely

Rather than explain more of the combat i think it will be better for you to see for yourself since explaining it will probably take me longer to than write my entire Blog all over again


"Chain combos and Chains skills and fast pace combat there's so much stuff going on its not you’re typical hack and slash MMORPG"

Since this is an MMORPG expect there to be different types of armors and weapons both melee and ranged. Likes swords axes and guns and other weapons specific to the race and class there will also be a PVP feature in the game

The game will also feature a number of mounts and vehicles. Maybe its just me but when Goku was still a little kid there more vehicles and gadgets like hovering scooters plains thigh tech motor bikes, etc. Bulma had all the rides I always wished I had those capsules. Throw one to the ground for an instant cottage :D These vehicles can be seen in game again and used as mounts. There are no level restrictions and as early as the game starts you may obtain one for yourself. However the mounts will use fuel so better have money for gas

Dragon Ball Online still is scheduled supposedly for 2010 but will be initially launched in Japan and Korea they have already started close beta so im not expecting a release date soon if Uncharted Waters took 5 years to reach global shores im sure its worth the wait. Or you can always cheat and jump in the Korean servers well that's kinda not my style. But yes this game is a definite play when it gets released and im sure it will be coming soon since its a world renowned title hope its global I hate IP restrictions but since Net Marble is the Publisher expect a global release similar to UWO :D

Aki-The Otaku