''Aika's'' Anime Corner!

"From Time to Time I want to list a few anime series that really got my attention tho in no particular order I just want to tell you why I like them and if you are unfamiliar with the series you might just want to watch it" 

1.) Gurren Lagann:  My most favorite mecha anime I'm really not a fan of the mecha genre but this one has got me really interested. The story takes place in a fictional future in which humans are forced to live underground. Simon the main hero who was orphaned when his parents were killed in an earthquake, discovers a drill key, Aided by his friend Kamina who dreams of the surface world try to escape but fail.

Soon after Kamina is Jailed and Simon discovers a giant faced mech will resuming his job of digging, then all the action starts. One of the reasons I also live this anime is because of the characters will to go against all odds its a must watch for both mecha lovers and non mecha fans

2.) Samurai Champloo: Another favorite of mine this time in the samurai genre. The story is about a young waitress named Fuu who works at a tea house when harassed by ruffian customers, Mugen another customer comes to her aid in exchange for a meal. While in the meantime Jin a ronin enters the teahouse, during the fight, Mugen attack Jin and begin fighting ignoring everything else even when the in is ablaze, until they both faint from the fumes. Unknowingly they had killed a magistrates son in the fire and were both sentenced to be executed until Fuu help spring them out after they escape she asked them to help her look for a samurai that smells of sunflowers

 Probably one of the best Mixed comedy action animes I have watched Especially my favorite base ball episode.

3.) Kemonozume: This one is pretty weird for others but I like it. its a story about flesh eating monsters called Shokujinki they can assume human forms and a group called The Kifuken a martial arts school who was formed to hunt down these flesh eating monsters. It is a forbidden romance story between Toshihiko the latest heir of the Kifuken and a young woman named Yuka who is a Shokujinki

The visuals of the anime may not appeal to most due to the fact that this series is very violent so to much realism and it would probably never be legal to air it, It has some funny parts to. the latter parts get a bit over the top but I love it!

4.)Mnemosyne: I actually love short anime series that leave quite an impact on you after watching a few of them like Mnemosyne it has only 6 episode but I was on the edge of my seat in all of them.

Rin Asōgi is a private detective who runs an agency in Shinjuku, she does a lot of odd jobs ranging from finding lost cats to hunting rare stamps. But she has a mysterious past which seems to be catching up to her and she is also unable to die.

Watch one episode and you'll get hooked warning tho it is very violent and uncensored

5.) Honey and Clover: Phew! a break from all that violence is honey and clover, 

Yūta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama and Shinobu Morita are three young men who live in the same apartment complex and are students at an art college in Tokyo.
One day, they are introduced to Hagumi Hanamoto, the daughter of a cousin of Shūji Hanamoto, an art professor, who has come to live with Hanamoto and has become a first year art student at the art school that everyone attends. Takemoto and Morita both fall in love with Hagu, but Takemoto hides his feelings and tries to be a friend to Hagu while Morita expresses his love in ways that seem only to scare Hagu, such as calling her "Mousey" and constantly photographing her. Hagu herself, though initially timid and afraid of company, gradually warms up to the three.
The group comes to include Ayumi Yamada, a master of pottery who is well-known by her nickname "Tetsujin" (Iron Lady), who becomes very close to Hagu. When not at school, she helps run the family liquor store. While Ayumi is popular with many young men, she falls in love with Mayama, who does not recipocrate her feelings and considers her a very dear friend. Instead, Mayama pursues an older woman, Rika Harada, a widowed friend of Professor Hanamoto who runs an architecture studio she founded with her husband.
The story follows these five characters in their love triangles, unrequited love, graduating from college, finding jobs, and learning more about themselves.

 This has also become one of my favorite series of all time honey and clover a story of 5 individuals each of their stories reflect a small part of my life from, enjoying your school days, graduating and leaving your friends facing the realities of modern society, and losing and gaining love 

" If your bored and doing nothing I higly recommend you try to watcch one of these series Im sire you would love them all. While I wont be posting all the great anime series I like I will also be posting those I also dislike"

"So I hope this in info helps stay tuned for more"