Le Ciel Bleu (Only In JAPAN!)

Le Ciel Bleu is another MMORPG exclusive to Japan it has somewhat a similarity between Ragnarok online and a 2D beat'em up game like Dungeon Fighter. It is published by NHN Japan and Userjoy Japan

The game is set in a world mixed with magic and technology similar to Arcanum or for a more Japanese reference think Zero-No-Tsukaima it offers the basic traditional classes like rangers, warriors and healers with quite a unique one Maid/Butler I cant think of any other game asides this that has this class. open beta in japan started Dec. 3 2009 its been quite some time in Japan and there are no news of it being ported outside. But if you think you want to play this on the Japan servers well your free to try.

Here is a link to guide you to the Japanese registration and the Client

Remember Have Fun Always