Croxino Online Japans Aion

  This game is pretty cool! it was developed by Nglim soft and published by Gcresent Entertainment the servers were up on 2009.  The game has a few similar features to Aion. At the start players are wingless and have to grind their way up to level-10 where the game picks up. You eventually obtain wings that will let you fly for some distance but be careful tho if you lose you stamina you will fall and get hurt.

  From what I know this game has only 3 classes a Fighter, Mage and a Ranger each has a dual class except the Mage that can branch-out  into a Sorcerer or Cleric. There is also a basic pet support system, But what I like about the game is that there is a Good and Evil system where you can choose a faction and eventually wage war with each other.

The graphics are amazing the characters look cell shaded almost similar to mahbinogi but not chibi. This is one game that is made in Japan and has been staying in Japan. Hurry and port it already! people want to play!!