Tower Of Druaga From International classic to Japan only MMORPG...... Darn it!!!!

Tower of Druaga or "Druaga no Tou" in Japanese the game first appeared in the arcades in 1984 a game created by NAMCO it use to run on the old Super Pac Man engine and was a grat classic for its time I had this game for the Super Famicom since in asia we mostly got this console instead of the NES games of this series were also realeased for the Super NES, Game boy Colored, Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, and the XBOX 360 the concepts of the games were all the same navigate the maze tower and reach the top of the 60 floor tower beat the evil lord druaga and rescue the preistess Ki
An anime series was also released on 2008 Tower of Druaga: Aegis Of Uruk and Tower Of Druaga: Sword Of Uruk (Season 2) which upon watching them became one of my favorite anime series of all time
And one game stands out in the series released on 2009 in Japan The "Tower Of Druaga: Recovery Of Babylim" was released it’s an MMORPG based on the series much of the concept is still the same but since the recent popularity of the Anime series and the news spreading of no IP blocks it’s got everybody jumping in the game
The objective is still to reach the 60 Floor and beat Druaga there are four job classes the Soldier, Scout, Druid, and Mage each job class has a second class and the third class has not yet been implemented
And for the players who are fans of the Anime and want to play the game I will be giving a link below for the guide on how to play In Japan servers but be warned it's going to be a big download and a long patching process but don’t worry since there seems to be quite a number of English speaking players from all over the world playing the guide also contains help/translations with the menus and skill interface
And here it is