A new "Amazing!" one from Japan

This one is fresh from Japan and still in close beta but it’s very interesting and has lots of innovative stuff I’m looking forward to playing this even in the Japan servers I hope they don’t put an IP block
"Arcadia Saga" by Gonzo Rosso the guys who also made and released "Pandora Saga" which I did a few days back though I can't say much about the job classes from what i've seen (since Im only half Japanese and grew up elsewhere) i can tell that there’s a Warrior/ Fighter class, Archer and Mage but what really sets the game apart and got people talking are the things in game that you can do and believe me there are a lot of extras of the same old and the really innovative.
Here are some of them
- Mobs in the map are all tamable: Just like imagine online any bad guy can become your pet
- You can build a house anywhere you want: Yup that’s something new you build a house or something like a small farm there is an actual production system since towns are far apart. you design both the interior and exterior of your humble abode by buying stuff or producing them. Asides from the normal character stat and skill level up it seems you have also building skills you can level up. Its gonna be a land rush since you can own a region XD
Yeah so I have a house so what? Monsters will try to raid your house and destroy it. The game reminds me of one of my favorite classic games for the P.C and 3DO the horde where you have to protect your farm from the monsters that want to destroy your farm. I loved that game XD
- Crafting and lots of it: ranging from cooking, furniture, armor, weapon(all in game armor weapon potion can be craft) jewelry, tailoring, beverage, and other stuff. Weapon/armor forging and customizing( you can add an apple to your weapon which will give xx attribute)
- Ride able horses: Well the only mount in the game so far at least its realistic
- The music is composed by "Sakimoto Hitoshi" don’t know him? he did "Final Fantasy XII"
- and supervised by "Ryo Mizuno" don’t know him also? He created "Record of Lodoss War"
I was so excited to tell you about the unique stuff I forgot to tell you the story. Well its simple really the human world was destroyed and people are trying to survive in the harsh new world thus the title "Arcadia Saga Rebuild the Utopia" yup its like build your own town with other players MMORPG
Well this is one game that’s 100% on my wish list I really am hoping to be able to play this on the International servers with everybody but for now I’ll settle with the Japan servers and try to play as much as possible when the open beta comes out hope to
See you there Its lonely around the none English speaking crowd
"Aki-The Settler"