My Pandora Saga Weekend

Well today, I’m going off topic and not showing a game but I want to talk about a game I’ve shown previously "Pandora Saga" it’s sort of like a review since I got a lot of views on that topic
I downloaded the client which was about 900+Mb so almost a Gig there was a manual patch for only 5Mb while the game still had to patch it wasn’t so bad just a few min about 10min well that depends on your net mine sucks so it should be ok
I then proceeded to login and created my first character "Aliciah" so if you want to pm me in game sure! Character creation was very simple you just get to choose the hair, hair color, and face I made a fighter since it’s the basic class on most MMORPGs
The graphics of the game weren’t so bad really and I kind of liked it though most of the character models look the same it seem that the most dominant race in the game player wise is the Ekidnu those hell boy looking giants and nobody seems to like using the dwarves
The start was very simple it’s like the early quests are tutorials. yes I knew that there will be little quests in the game and honestly they are very unrewarding they give so little XP and gold your just better of grinding it’s like talk to the NPC when you’re in town and grind you’ll eventually accomplish the quest unintendedly
The in game community isn’t so bad people will approach you to chat i really hate it when your just starting and the noobs are asking for money from you well I didn’t encounter it in the game
Though there was, a low population to where I was seems like it’s the noob town. Yes the low level population is very low and I occasionally see the high level guys just zoom past you. so I guess you’ll see the other people only when you get to a higher level which I kinda like so the map isn’t congested
Well I started to leave town and just swatted some monsters I was doing this while watching season 5 of the office :) so yup i was on anti-social mode and what can I say its a grinding game the Japs do love the traditional RPG theme where you grind go back to town sell your loots grind again well I don’t have a problem with this theme I actually enjoyed it and I will play this game till the game I’m waiting for comes out I haven’t joined a faction yet and haven’t really done much so i guess there’s more stuff to do in the game I just haven’t made it yet but I’m enjoying myself and I haven’t watched season 6 of the office I’ll watch it while playing this :)
I'll do a game tomorrow
"Aki-the dwight schrute fan"