Front Mission Online Part of the series lost forever

I just love the Front mission series ever since the PS1 release Front Mission 2 I just got so much into the game that I even back tracked and played the original Super Nes version a few years later they released one for the PS2 though there were two released in Japan Front Mission: 4 and Front Mission 5: Scars Of War sadly we only got 4 and much later on I also got the extended version of original Front Mission for the DS
The Front Mission games are tactical turn based strategy games developed by Square Enix also know for the Final Fantasy series. Revolving around Intertwining story lines and mechs called "Wazners" the stories can get quite complicated but very immersive I just love the story lines though I won’t go to much in depth and focus on theme. They revolve around a the theme of war, love and betrayal and there’s just a mix of cyber punk element which I just enjoy so much
But One game stands out in the entire series "Front Mission: Online" the game play was totally different and when I found out about it I totally wanted to play that game.
Front Mission: Online The game starts out you customize your basic mech also choose a nation there are only 2 factions in the game the O.C.U (Oceania Cooperative Union) and the U.C.S (Unified Continental States) then players proceed to a lobby where you can control your character and chat with other fellow pilots. The first battles in the game consist of A.I opponents (training grounds) where you can practice the controls Front Mission: Online combat system is almost similar to "Armored Core" so all battles will be in real-time. When the player feels ready the FUN! begins players will get to battle other players from the opposing nation but unlike armored core the game allows up to 10 battle units per nation so that’s 20 Wazners on the arena fighting in real-time since combat can get very hectic the game has a voice chat system (VoIP) which I really great of giving commands during the fight
As players progress the Faction gives out missions that can be done solo or with a group
Sadly this game was short lived it started beta testing in November 2004, and on May 12, 2005, Square Enix officially released the PlayStation 2 version of the game. The PC version of the game was developed and released some seven months later, on December 8, 2005. Support for Front Mission Online was discontinued on May 31, 2008...... :(
This is one of the games in the series I will never get to play but I can still get a copy for the PS2 as a memorabilia to complete the series and news of Front Mission: Evolved announced last E3 has gotten me all hyped-up to play the game since it looks similar to Front Mission: Online maybe they pulled out to make an even superior version for us to play and I’m looking forward to it XD
Check back tomorrow for another amazing game!!!
"Aki-The Mecha Girl"