The Ultimate Moster MMORPG From Japan

Hello im back! And just like the servers of Japans "Monster Rancher Online" which shut down last October 2008 they returned to bring back an even better game just this January 2010. Introducing"Monster Farm Lagoon Online" with new avatar features and better graphics and of course new monsters. Sadly I wasn't able to get ahead of the IP block that they recently implemented :(
I was such a fan of this game when It was first released on the Playstation I probably stuck a gazillion discs inside just to find out what kind of monsters are hiding in my discs. The online game seems to have this feature also which is great and from the looks of it the monster trainer is going to be part of fights. One element of monster rancher that I really hated was the short lifespan of the pets it seem that this will be eliminated in the online version too *sigh* such a great game by the looks of it but sadly only in Japan. The monster rancher servers have been up since quite some time why don’t we get any of them heck we get the Playstation versions :( *sigh*

Sadly I can no longer do daily updates but ill still be doing them I want to focus more time on gameing since I recently started Pandora Saga on the Malaysian servers my characters name is “Aliciah” if your interested check out the old entries see you there it’s a grindfest but people are nice and the population is low and peaceful

"Aki of the Kingdom Faction"