Sangokushi Online more familiar than you think

Sangokushi Online the title make you think huh? Something new? well if your familiar with the US title "Romance of the Three kingdoms" and you’ve been gaming for quite some time it ain't really that new in fact its been first released on the Animga since I don’t know and the first release on the PC was "1985" so yes its as old as Windows.
The "Romance" series of games is a turn based strategy game set in ancient China or Japan using historic figures as the game characters. Earlier versions of the game were just simply statistics based growing a larger army then attacking the next territory but on the VII, VIII and X editions were compounded with RPG aspects, allowing the player to play as a ruler, an adviser, a prefect, a general or a vassal, whereas the player can only control the ruler in other editions. In addition, different characters have various skills to aid them in combat, such as the ability to lure a group of enemy soldiers away from the others or to trick them into retreating. and developing stories they me be fiction or fact (I’m not really knowledgeable in Chinese or Japanese history) that really added more to the game in terms of making it more interesting
With a thousand players, battling it out your screen can get as blurry as this screen-shot (above)
"Sangokushi Online" breaks the tradition of the Romance series it is no longer a turn based strategy game but a MMORPG - RTS game
On the RPG side players choose a clan from the familiar Wu, Shue, Wei (maybe added more later on) forces and then can engage in the RPG elements of the game like fighting bandits, exploring areas, learning, production skills, doing quests. Thus gaining items and experience form NPCs and players develop skills by getting skill experience from using their skills since the level cap is kinda low being level 50
Character development does not end there you may be in the same level but since your skills are more developed you may still have an advantage.
On the RTS side players may choose to join guilds asides from their factions and raid other factions territories similar to "Fantasy Earth Zero" and on a grand scale join the war of factions up to 500 players per faction may join the battle accompanies by generals or heroes familiar in the game series such as Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan in battle
The game has many more features such as mounts traditionally horses and boats to explore areas the graphics are excellent making character creation fun since there are quit a number of models to choose from and you can even set the characters height manually.
Its got me quit confused with so many games to choose from why do we get the mediocre (bad for me) games like "Fantasy Earth Zero" there is clearly a similarity in game play but obviously Sangokushi Online is far more superior graphically and feature wise. And with all the games of the Romance series and Dynasty Warriors series being released in the US why not the online game? The servers have been up since 2008 and Fantasy Earth Zero since 2006 why choose the more outdated one? Are they marketing on the "Square Soft" brand? "Koei" is just as famous if not a bit less
Well i may never know and im kinda getting ranty I’m just hoping that this game would be released sometime soon it would be great and yes I would play the game how about you?
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