Master Of Epic why only in Japan till now???

Being an Otaku and a Hardcore gamer I am mostly disappointed. Why? because I have recently watched an Anime series called "Master Of Epic: The Animation Age" and later on I found out that the Anime series is actually based on a Japan only MMORP Called "MASTER OF EPIC"

Master Of Epic was released in Japan on April, 1 ,2005 and until now is exclusive to Japan players only it was produced by Hudson Soft but the Anime made by GONZO has been shown over different countries on TV networks even here in my country.
The game is set on a traditional medieval fantasy world but in Japanese anime style. The story revolves around the three major factions
Diaros: Elgadin, County of the Dragon Knights who esteem law and order
Bisque: Country where according to the Lal Fac Faith, various clans are given the freedom to regulate themselves
Sasool: Country where therianthropy (metamorphosis of humans into animals) plays a leading role
These countries vie for control of the Noah Stone that the Mora Clan relinquished. It is said that any nation that has control over the Noah Stone will flourish. An evil character named Igo has executed a plant for the nations to wage war on each other so he may obtain the Noah Stone for himself and eventually he rules. This has become the fate of the Future of the War Age.
3,000 years after the rule of Igo, The Future Age
The beginning of everything, 45 Million Years Ago, The Chaos Age
Passing From one age to another and back again, surmounting numerous battles, Will the adventurers be able to prevent the coming age of darkness?
The story is quit complicated but interacts with the game play because players will be playing in different ages the present age, war age, future age, chaos age

The game has 4 unique selectable races Newtars, Cognite, Elmony, and Pandemos

Elmony, Cognite, Pandemos, Newtar

Not only are the races in the game unique but a lot of elements in the game play. Master Of Epic has no levels instead the player can choose from a extensive list of skills, Job classes are not chosen but earned on how you decide to level up your skills or how you combine them
another amazing feature of the game that i have yet to see in other MMORPS are the presence of hunger and thirst it affects your combat abilities if you don’t feed your character and flies start to gather around you character if you don’t wash your hair for sometime
With the Anime being shown all over the place I’ve been left thinking. The game looks great and has a lot of unique element why has it never left Japan. Well I may never know i can only wait for someone to pick this up hopefully on an international server

Bored? go watch the Anime (Master Of Epic: The Animation Age)


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