AiSp@Ce MMOSG R-18 surely for Japan only sadly :(

AiSp@ace or "Ai" meaning love means "love space" in english it is a MMOSG or "an online social game" being R-18 means it doesn’t have any nudity or vulgar language the game focuses on the social aspect of things since in Japan people prioritize socialization because it is enforced upon them by companies to develop team building skills and also helps reduce social depression which is good

AiSp@ace can be described as similar to second life but uses an anime themed environment .The game starts out like all others you create your own avatar. Then by choosing from famous character models from animes such as Clannad, Shuffle!, Da Capo and a bit of special modifications like birthdays, blood types even behavior you create your own "chara-doll". Then the player proceeds to select from 3 areas or virtual islands (resembles the 3 anime worlds described) and lives with the chara-doll.
So you live in a house with your personalized "chara doll" equiped with furniture more can be bought in game and clothing for your chara-doll. When inside the house the chara-doll acts on its own and when players are outside however the chara-doll stays with the player. The player can freely converse with the chara-doll like the traditional Japanese dating games (text appears at the lower screen)
The three islands are connected by a main island or the central "Akihabara Island" (Yay!) modeled after the real "Akihabara" (Yay!!) players can interact with other players and their chara-dolls
AiSp@ace is free to play and makes use of the special shop using real money to by "NICO NICO points" to go shopping in Akihabara (Yay!!!)
This game is quite amazing though not much as a game it offers great social interaction with both A.I and other people. Well yeah I know it’s an "Otaku" thing but globally this game would be great sadly it’s only in Japan. With a booming anime market i belive this would work globally how about you?
Check back tom I hope to have something new before the weekends ;)