Innovate it the Japanese way


With a market flooded by "FPS" shooters and "Counter-Strike" clones how do you release a game now with such a competitive market especially an "online FPS" ?

Well do it the Japanese way innovate it "PaperMan Online" another exclusive game its Japan It`s a shooter how can it be different?

Well from the title, itself "PaperMan" instead of using 3D character models it uses 2-D flat characters in 3-D environments so you can use the environments to your advantage hiding like a ninja on the flat surfaces with your back against the wall its every "campers dream"

In Japan the game already had several updates there are a lot of guns available from the traditional Ak-47, M16, Stayer Aug, Sniper Rifles your melee weapons can be a box cutter or even a light saber. The characters are "Anime" models so its an "Otaku shooters fantasy game" (well for people outside Japan boo! hoo!) shooting them instead of blood punches holes like on paper.

One thing I can say in Japan gameplay is just as important as the graphics. They don`t sacrifice much of the gameplay to give you the fun that you need instead they create games with both visual and entertaining value. sadly this game has an IP block and I can`t say much more about it anymore since the IP block well i guess all we can do is hope once again.


Won`t do an update tomorrow taking a break phew!