Big Download + Long wait = Worth it !

"The Client for Uncharted Waters Global has finally been released it was just a few minutes delayed due to some technical difficulty so they say."

Its A whopping 3.20Gb installer and would probably eat about 10Gb of HDD space so if your planning on playing the game on the 25th better download it in advance.

Its not the biggest file I Have downloaded but probably the largest free to play MMORPG out and it seems the Japan servers have already released 2-3 expansions so this is small compared to what they got

I cant wait !!! already got me a crew to play on the first day of launching tho I haven't thought of a character name yet that usually takes me some time to think since its something permanent ill post it so if your gonna play, you can be part of my crew and call me captain hardy har har!!!

You can download the game client here

five days seems like a long wait now :3

"Aki The Impatient"